Saturday, April 04, 2009


I was still worrying, after Kath's death, about what had become of her. Silly, isn't it - but I couldn't help it. I kept thinking about how lost she had been and how she was unable at the end to ask the Lord into her life.

On the one hand, it seemed to me that her 'stroke of midnight' passing was very significant. It felt like an appointment - as if it had been timed to let me know that God had come for her indeed.

Nonetheless, a nasty little voice in my ear kept whispering that I was being too presumptuous, that I was making something out of nothing, and who was I to think that the Almighty would be sending signs to me anyway? The seed of the serpent was at work, as he always is, trying to undermine and destroy. All I could do was to keep on quietly Knockin' on Heaven's Door with my hope that she was safe.

It was a Sunday about a month after my mother's passing, and I went to church. There was a couple doing door duty whom I hadn't seen for many weeks because he had been preaching elsewhere. As I went in, they pointed out some friends of theirs - long-time Christians - visiting from about 500 miles down country.

I always believe in making visitors feel at home so I went and sat right behind these people and got talking to them. Exactly how the conversation started I don't remember, but the wife, who was a lovely lady, of her own accord launched into telling me about how God gives. Her final words as the service started up were, "..and you know, God comes at midnight..." She turned away and I sat transfixed: in fact the service went by in something of a blur.

After it was over I asked her if she had any idea what her last words meant to me. She shook her head. I explained the circumstances of my mom's illness and her death, and how the words she had just spoken were an answer to the question that had been plaguing me.

She wasn't the least bit surprised. "Well, we've had a great week's fishing in our friends' boat, " she said . "We had a good catch and we were going to get away back home first thing this morning, but something made us decide instead to come to church. As soon as you walked in the door, I knew I had a message of some sort for you. And the second part of the message is that God loves you."

I felt totally humbled. Here I was wallowing in my unbelief, and the answer had been sent to me via people from 500 miles away.

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